Project Management involves planning, organizing and managing project activities required to complete an individual project with predetermined parameters. technosoft applies the necessary skills, tools and proven best practice strategies to help ensure your organization’s projects are completed on time and within budget. Based on industry best practices and our own experience in the field, technosoft’s Project Management services ensure that projects are completed efficiently to meet customer expectations. We do this not only by monitoring project milestones as they happen, but also by supporting staff members as they complete project tasks.

Technosoft offers extensive Project Management services, including the following:

IT Project Management:

IT projects can often be difficult to manage due to the sheer amount of resources involved. Between software and hardware tools, data management and programming, numerous factors affect the success of an IT project. Technosoft can provide support during IT project development, offering technical expertise and management, requirements gathering, third-party testing and implementation support.

PMO and EPMO Establishment:

Project Management Offices (PMOs) and Enterprise Project
Management Office (EPMOs) serve as key functions within businesses, setting standards and
expectations to aid in the management of projects. Technosoft offers PMO and
EPMO establishment services using industry best practices to help your organization maintain long-term success.

Project Management Methodology (PMM) Development:

Establishing a unified methodology for Project Management is a practical first step for consolidating Project Management efforts within a business. By setting expectations and process standards, PMMs allow companies to improve repeatability and consistency. Technosoft helps businesses develop their own PMMs to create a shared understanding of the project lifecycle and clearly define responsibilities and roles within an organization.

Mentoring and Education:

Employees serve as the backbone of your business’ Project Management success, making their knowledge and abilities essential for forward progress. Technosoft helps businesses succeed by creating and facilitating Project Management training and mentoring programs geared toward proper Project Management practices and PMM implementation.

*Quality assurance is also guaranteed! These specialized Project Management services help guide your business through projects efficiently with expert advice and support during every phase.*


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